Greetings and Welcome!!
Thank you for joining me on this journey of life!
I am a married recovering alcoholic in my late 30’s and I am journeying though this life as a follower of Christ. 
I live with Hubby and our 2 daughters in Ontario, Canada.
Our girls are 5 and 7 and keep us ridiculously busy keeping up with their antics.
There is a lot of laughter in this house, except when our Boxer Miss Coco Bean is a BAD dog.
BAD dog happens when I forget to put food out of her reach on the counter and she EATS my dinner!
My educational background was as a PSW, I worked in a Nursing Home for 4 years before I decided to return to school for Mechanical Engineering Technology. Yup a bit of a redirection there.
I worked in various roles over the years, from designing aircraft parts to Quality Systems Management to my last role in Health and Safety.
Currently I am off work due to injuries from a car accident in Feb/10. I am in therapies and working hard to get back my old life.
It would be amazing to be able to be active with my children again and in the mean time I’m thankful for Hubby taking up my slack.
If you are interested in having me perform as a Speaker or Advertising here please feel free to contact me at soberjulie@gmail.com


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